9 Tips To Get AdSense Approval For A New Website

Are you struggling to get AdSense approval for your new website? Worry not as I have shared some tips below that will help you to get approved fast and easily.

Over the years I’ve been involved in digital marketing, one of the most common questions I’ve been asked is how to get Google AdSense approval or how to get my website approved for Google AdSense?

Getting Google AdSense approval can be intimidating, especially if you’re starting out with zero traffic or website authority. However, getting AdSense approval is easier than you might think—especially if you follow these 9 proven tips to get Google AdSense approval for your new website.

1. Website Should Have High Quality and Original Content

This is absolutely necessary. You must have good content on your website to get approved for AdSense. And, it should be original.

Avoid using duplicate content on your website and any of your other sites as well. It’s very important not to do so because duplicate content will negatively affect your site’s quality score, thus preventing you from getting approved.

You will be surprised to know that many people tried using others’ content on their website, and got declined for getting AdSense approval. Do not use others’ content as a basis for your own website, it is illegal and can get you into legal trouble.

Instead of taking shortcuts in content creation process, take time to create original high-quality content for a unique niche-related website that is your own intellectual property, which can set you apart from all others in your competition who are just reusing or stealing from each other. This factor has been found important in getting google Adsense approval quickly after applying with new accounts.

You can find more detailed info about the do’s and don’ts here.

2. Create About and Contact Page

If you want to be approved for Google AdSense, there are a couple of pages that you should definitely have on your website. If you haven’t heard about building out your About and Contact page, then let me tell you, building these two pages (and linking them from your homepage) is an absolute must.

Even if it doesn’t seem like they’d be helpful when trying to get Google AdSense approval, they’ll actually go quite a long way.

These pages are crucial because they give readers an idea of who you are as a writer and what your goals are with your website.

The About page is where you can provide information on yourself and why you created your site.

The Contact page is where people can reach out to you directly if they want more information or want to share something with you.

3. Create Privacy Policy Page

Creating a privacy policy page is part of getting AdSense approval. You’ll want to include things like how you use cookies, what data you collect from visitors and potential customers, and how you’ll protect that information. In addition to your privacy policy page, make sure that your website has added contact information for your site admin so people can contact them with questions about their data.

You may use online tools like privacy policy generators to get the job done faster.

4. Have A Good Looking Website – Design

If your website is poorly designed with poor user experience, then your site might get rejected for displaying ads

Don’t forget your website should have a good look so that it is visually appealing and stands out. Your AdSense account will be approved much faster if you have an eye-catching website with attractive colors. Designing a good-looking website not only improves your chances of getting AdSense Approval but also helps you to earn more revenue and improve the user experience as well.

5. Never Use Copyrighted Images

It is advised that you should never use any sort of copyrighted images on your website. Whether it be screenshots, product photos or any other stock photos, if you don’t have necessary rights to use it in your website then don’t use the same.

AdSense is a bit strict when it comes to copyrighted materials like images, videos and other materials. So, in order to get an AdSense approval make sure that you never upload or use any sort of copyrighted works without explicit permission from the owner.

6. Have Clear Website Navigation

Having clear navigation is important because it makes your website easier to use, especially for new visitors. Some of them won’t stick around if they can’t easily find what they’re looking for.

Studies have found that many users have stopped exploring within 5 seconds of landing on a page if they can’t find what they want (or what they think it is). It doesn’t take much effort to do, but having good navigation will help boost your conversion rate.

In addition to having clear navigation links, you should also make sure that you have a clear way to contact you and any other necessary information on every page of your site.

7. Post At Least 20 Posts

The easiest way to get approved for a Google AdSense account is to already have 20 or more posts on your website. This lets you show that you are an established site with content that fits well with what users are searching for. If you don’t have 20 posts yet, start adding some now and fill in any gaps you have over time. You may even want to make a goal of acquiring 20 new posts per month!

Writing SEO optimized posts for your website will not only help you in getting AdSense approval but also for ranking higher as well.

8. You Should Be At Least 18 Years Old

While people of all ages have launched successful websites and have gotten approved for Google AdSense, you must be at least 18 years old to participate. If you are not 18 yet then you may use your parent’s account.

Just use your parent’s AdSense account and apply from it. As for the payment, the same will be released to your parent’s bank account.

Get AdSense Approval Fast – Conclusion

It can be a frustrating process to get AdSense approval on your website. Don’t rush it. The more time you take getting things right, in terms of both your website and your content, the better chance you have of being accepted by Google.

Remember, you should strive to publish unique and compelling content on a regular basis that adheres to Google’s rules and guidelines for publishing ads on your site.

Add value for your visitors and watch how quickly they start clicking on those beautiful ads! Spend some time planning out what kind of advertising experience you want to provide for users. Come up with an advertising strategy that is suitable for every page or category on your site. Don’t be afraid to try different approaches as there is no single correct way to do it!

Astro K Joseph
With over 7 years of experience in blogging, digital marketing, and SEO, I help people to scale up their online business and make a living out of it. I manage multiple websites and write to over 350K monthly readers.